After the global deconfinement at the start of summer 2020, we could have hoped for a full EuroNascar season for the new team co-led by Jacques Villeneuve, Feed Vict Racing. Engaged with his lifelong friend Patrick Lemarié who was making a comeback after years of absence, the start of the season launched in September was thunderous for Villeneuve. The first meeting of the EuroNascar Pro championship saw him abandon in the first race, just a few laps from the end when the new car of the Quebec champion hit by number 5 was in the lead. He will catch up the next day with a second place in the second round. After a move to Italy near the base of his team, after the establishment of a solid crew in the second car where the young Simon Pilate evolves in EuroNascar 2, after a very close victory, we can imagine a total sporting commitment. for the former world champion. But as a bad song, professional obligations with Canal + and the vagaries of the private life of the former F1 world champion once again deprived his supporters of races and victories which seemed to be finally promised. A year to really forget. Hoping that here and everywhere else, 2021 will be the year of all deliveries and all successes.

First race of the 2020 season in EuroNascar Pro. Like a summary of the sporting year of Jacques Villeneuve.