Stefano Gai, the only driver to complete the Italian Gran Turismo Championship, is the 2019 Champion with the Ferrari Baldini 27, one point ahead of the second. As neither Jacques Villeneuve nor Giancarlo Fisichella were present on the last race of the championship, they are not credited with the 20 points of the second place of the car at Mugello and both finish seventh in the drivers standings.

On the other hand, the entire Gai-Fisichella-Villeneuve-Fuoco crew took their Ferrari, with the legendary number 27, to second place overall in the team championship.
A great performance for JV who had the first commitment in GT3 in Italy after a first attempt aborted at the GT Tour in France in 2013.

Italian Gran Turimo Championship 2019 – Pilot

Italian Gran Turismo Championship – Team